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4 more sleeps!
Patrick in script

And I created a bit of a phrase book. Here's some entries...

A rough-n-ready Guide for Travelers

Hello “nee how”
Hello (phone only) “way”
How's it going? “dzummuh yahng”
How are you? “nee how boo how”
I'm okay “waw how”
Goodbye “dzye jyan”
See you later “ee hwar jyan”

My name is _____. Yours? “waw jyaow _____. Nee nuh?”

Please “cheeng”
Thank you “shyeh shyeh”
Many thanks “gahn shyeh”
Don't mention it; You're welcome “boo kuh chee”
Pardon me (to pass someone) “laow jyah laow jyah”
Excuse me; Please, may I... “cheeng one”

Sorry to be trouble;
would you mind... “mah fahn nee”

I don't understand “waw boo doong”
Just a moment “shaow dung”

Do you speak English? “nee shwaw eeng one mah?”

I'll serve myself thanks just the same “dzuh lee lye”
Bon Apetit! (lit. eat slowly, enjoy) “mahn mahn chir”
Cheers; Bottoms up! “gahn bay!”
I'm full “waw chir baow luh”

China “joong gwaw”
Chinese Language (lit. National Lang) “joong one”
I or me “waw”

yes “shir”
no “boo”

to make a question finish with “ma”

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